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We combine environmentally friendly technology with over 30 years of proven commercial construction experience.

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Quickly replacing similar techniques, like sand, plastic or glass blasting, ECO Soda Blasting utilizes state-of-the-art Baking Soda based, trailer mounted, blasting equipment.  ECO Soda Blastings Technology was developed to clean the Statue of Liberty without causing damage to the soft metal (copper) surface, and to avoid rendering irreparable damage to the surrounding environment.  ECO Soda Blasting abrasives are safe, bio degradable, and safe to use on difficult to clean surfaces including brick, stone, concrete, marble, tile, etc.  The equipment is suitable for varied tasks from small areas that requiring a delicate touch to the large surface areas. ECO Soda Blasting’s high-pressure, air-driven, self-contained, trailer-mounted unit provides the most non-destructive method of cleaning and paint stripping on fiberglass, aluminum and a myriad of other substrates. ECO Soda Blasting is fast, cost effective, and flexible.  ECO Soda Blasting System is a revolutionary concept that can strip paint, rust and clean all surfaces in a fraction of the normal time required, eliminating sanding, scrubbing and abrasive blasting.

ECO Soda Blasting’s services are so amazing that new applications are discovered daily for their superb cleaning and paint stripping ability.  The procedure is powerful enough to leave metal smooth and ready to paint without sanding, pitting, warping, and prevents heating of the surface, yet it is so safe that it will not harm glass or chrome.

ECO Soda Blasting is an innovative advancement compared to existing de-painting methods and has no equal on unusual surfaces such as aluminum and fiberglass.

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